Firebird, Charlotte Troop

Into the future

November 4, 2021

Artists First will go through some big changes in 2022. This will be a busy year of showing and selling our work and planning for the future of all the artists.

The transition comes after lots of discussion and consulting, including of course with the artists. Over the coming year we will work with the artists who want to carry on creating art to ensure they have the resources and a plan in place for them to do so. Once this is in place, in 2022, we will close the charity.

We have started this transition process already, and the coming months will see us working together to talk to new partners and seek opportunities with and for the artists. We want our work to end well.

We’re very proud of our 30 year history, our pioneering work and our achievements. We know that so many people have been important to this success and we’d like to invite you to be part of this next phase as well.

Here are some suggestions- and you may have others:

·         You can follow us on Instagram now.

·         You can make a donation to support the artists to  develop their plans for the future e.g. visiting studios to meet artists; attending workshops to develop their skills; applying for funding to develop their practice as an independent artist etc.

·         You can come along to our events from Spring next year, including our exhibitions.

If you have any questions about the future of Artists First please do contact us. Our email address is:

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