Stephen Canby

"I like coming to do my art and I've done it for a long time. I like working with schools, sharing my art with young people. I like working with other disabled artists like James Lake and Eddy Hardy. Art makes me feel great - great fun doing it but it is hard work.

"I like doing art because I get something out of my art: I get pictures and drawings from me, from my thoughts. People can see what I'm thinking and that is good.

"I've been in Artists First some time now and I think it's good because you get something out of it and can show your work. I do lots of paintings and drawings of people ... I just like drawing men and women. I really like life drawing. You learn somrthing from it about human beings. I've worked in St Ives. I went to a life drawing class in St Ives. For the future I want to do more, work with live models, do more people."

Stephen Canby has been a member of Artists First for more than 20 years.

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2017/8 studio

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