Ann Pugh - Peter Sutton

Ann Pugh, by Peter Sutton

Ann Pugh

February 2016

In February 2016, Artists First were part of a celebration day for our dear friend and long term supporter, Ann Pugh. Ann died in February 2015. Ann became an Artist First trustee in 2005 but we knew her long before that. She became our Chair, she worked with us and supported us. Ann loved our art, she filmed us, she was important to every one of us, she was there for us. Ann was our friend. Being part of that day meant a lot to all of us. Seeing Ann's wonderful, sensitive and beautiful films, joining with so many friends and colleges and sharing stories and memories of Ann was fantastic, hundreds of people came.

Each one of us made new art to show and share for the day, including portraits of Ann, because the best way we have of remembering people is through our art. We've started experimenting, taking risks, working big, all the things Ann loved.

Ann helped us get the Heritage Lottery Fund money that means we can tell the story of Artists First's last 25 years and help us start the next and because of Ann we'll tell that story through portraiture, through art because that's who we are, Artists First.


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