Emily and Ruby at the National Portrait Gallery

Emily and Ruby at the National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery visit

November 2015

In November 2015 along with award winning artist James Lake, photographer Kamina Walton, Ann's partner Frank and daughter Ruby, Artists First went to the National Portrait Gallery in London.

We went there because of Ann. This trip was Ann's idea, it was something we'd all talked about, something for all of us to go on, to have a great day, to be inspired, to have fun. Ever since then we have be making portraits of all kinds, often large scale, inspired by many of the people we have been remembering as part of the Past, Present, Future project. This was one of the best days Artists First have ever had and it was all thanks to the generous donations of family and friends made in memory of Ann Pugh. Thank you to everyone.

Emily in the studio

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