Stephen at Arnolfini event

Colin tracing Kevin's face on to acetate.

An evening with Artists First

May 26, 2018

On Thursday 28 June, ten members of Artists First talked to a packed Arnolfini Front Room audience about their history, how they started out, and how they work.

"We aren’t ashamed of who we are, and we aren’t trying to hide our learning disabilities. The art we make is because of who we are, because we have something to share and add to world of art. Some people call it Outsider Art, but we just call it art."

"Our voices are stronger in a group and when we share things and through our art that voice has been heard in many different places."

Some of the artists talked about how the group started and then screened a 1988 TV feature about the group. They then talked about important people and key exhibitions, residencies and gallery visits before showing one of the new films. Finally they introduced a drawing workshop, making portraits on to acetate sheets with the artists.

You can watch the films and read more about Artists First's history here.

This event is the culmination of Past, Present, Future, exploring the stories of Artists First over the last 30 years. It is funded by  the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to Arnolfini for use of their Front Room and all their support.

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kevin at Arnolfini event
Sarah, Charlotte and Andy at Arnolfini event
Audience at Arnolfini event
Charlotte at Arnolfini event

Emily in the studio

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Stay in touch with what some of the artists are doing now on Instagram @artistsfirstbristol.

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