Opened-up box painting by Lizzie Lane, 2000.

How we're working in lockdown

January 29, 2021

We haven't been able to meet for over a year in our studio but we've stayed in touch. This is the longest time in 30 years that we haven't met up and worked together and it feels strange. But thanks for funding from Learning Disability England, Andy Harris has stayed in touch with us by phone and post and some of us use Zoom as well. 

Nick Selway has also exhibited his work (A Portrait Of Me, see below) as part of Art Works online exhibition which you can view here, along with the work of other artists with learning disabilities, until 28 June 2021. 

Nicholas Selway A portrait of me Acrylic & ink on paper H37mm x W24mm.jpg

Emily in the studio

Stay in touch

Stay in touch with what some of the artists are doing now on Instagram @artistsfirstbristol.

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